Fine Art Wedding Albums

I'm going to call it like it is. Weddings are expensive. You might be thinking by this stage that enough is enough, the spending needs to stop. You could be right. But you know what is wrong. Investing all this money capturing your once in a lifetime day and finishing with a bunch of digital files that sit on your computer for years to come and you rarely look at them. 

It would be like going to a fine dining restaurant, ordering the most expensive bottle of vino and then asking for plastic cups to sip it through. It's just not right.

This day only comes around once in your life. Invest in an album. They are amazing and will look beautiful on any coffee table for years to come. 

You will get to see one in the flesh (or paper really) during your pre-wedding consultation. They are professionally crafted by experts to look the part. You will dig them and so will everyone else. In technical terms they are flush mount, museum quality, lay-flat books. You can customise your cover and pick your images then we do all the design work for you.


30 PAGE 10 x 10" ALBUM // $1,499
30 Pages
Custom Design
Linen or genuine leather cover
Cameo window (optional)
Additional spreads $30 each (2 pages)

Additional Parents Album
8 x 8” // $749
Exact replica of your own album just a smaller size


How long does it take until I get my album?
The design phase takes approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the number of changes you make. Once it is signed off it then takes approximately another 2-3 weeks before the album will be printed at which point it is ready for you to collect.

How many images can we choose?
At the end of the day it is up to you. Personally I’m a ‘less is more’ kind of guy and think they look stunning this way… So for a 30 Page Album my guide is around 50 - 70 images and we then curate it into a beautiful collection for you

How do we see the design before we sign off?
All with ease! Once we finish the design the album is uploaded to an online portal. You will receive a password and log in details where you can view it page by page. It’s all pretty easy to follow!

Can I choose the colour of the cover?
Of course! The albums come in a range of colours and cover finishes. You get to see these when I show you a sample album so you can pick!

How do we pay for the album?
A 50% deposit is required to begin production. The remaining 50% needs to be paid upon completion before delivery of the album to you.

Is there a cost in freight?
Yes and it is quoted on a case by case basis.

Do we have to order the album straight after the wedding?
I personally do not mind when you order it so long as it is within one year of your wedding! If it is past that period I would need to re-quote as prices can change. Better still, if you pre-order your album when you book your wedding you will receive an ‘early bird discount’ of $100 off the total price of the album.