You’re engaged!
Congratulations by the way, awesome feeling isn’t it!
First and foremost, thank you for showing interest in having me capture your engagement session.
So, are you a bit wild at heart, adventurous and get pumped at the idea of being outdoors?

I'm looking for new couples who are going to be cool getting involved with my creative process. Simply rolling with whatever the day throws at us all in the name of scoring some engagement photos.

This offer is only good for 5 couples. These engagement sessions are totally free! Yep I’m legit. Totally free. I’ll even throw in a print from the shoot. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you like but there is no obligation at all.

Why free? Mostly I am keen to try a few new locations and shoot a handful of sessions using some different techniques and styles mixed in with what I normally shoot.

So if the above sounds good to you, please fill out the contact form below...  
Then if I think we'll be a good fit and if you could be who I’m looking for I’ll be in touch!

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