{Robyn & Erwan} - New Zealand Wedding / by Ollie Brunt

It starts like this. You get flown to New Zealand to photograph a wedding. You have seen how magic weddings can be in the land of the long white cloud. The pressure starts to mount internally.

Deep down hopes begin to manifest inside you. Hopes that you will hit the jackpot and this wedding will be in a picturesque location and you'll come away with some lovely photos for your beautiful couple. Photos they will cherish forever.

When I arrived I was not sure what to think other than 'wow'. It all takes place three hours South East of Auckland on the Coromandel Coast.

The 'house' is a stunning architecturally designed, artist inspired property. It is suitably perched neatly atop of rolling green hills, nestled underneath a pine forest. Everything is starting to tingle and I'm not even the one getting married.

One of the best bits about this wedding though was that I grew up with the groom. We were best mates at school and had not seen each other for years as jobs and continents kept us apart. It was such an honour to get the call up to not only watch one of your oldest mates get married but to actually capture that memory for them.

The following photographs are what it looks like to host a wedding in paradise and my best attempt to showcase it for the beautiful experience it was...