Marriage Equality For All - Same Sex Weddings Are Here! / by Ollie Brunt

Wednesday 15th November, 2017. It will go down in Australian history as the day this country became a better place. A country that on this day pulled it's head out of the sand and welcomed our LGBTQI peers into our community with open arms as equals. Something that should never had needed doing but had to be done.  

I grew up with an Aunt who is gay. So needless to say I am passionate about equal rights for all and marriage equality in Australia and indeed across the globe.

So when I got the call up to be an official photographer for the Equality Campaign and capture this momentous event in Sydney I was ecstatic. Personally it will go down in my record book as one of the best things I will probably ever photograph. I have always supported same sex marriage and now I can't wait to start photographing same sex weddings.

However yesterday was not about my photos or personal experience.  Yesterday was about taking a step in the right direction. The only direction. The direction that will forever change Australia's history and in my opinion go down as one of the most exciting times that will ever get recorded in the ledger that is is Australia. Well done Australia. Well done.

Below is what 'getting it right' looks like ;-)